When it comes to Ecommerce, you need to be highly visible to your target customers and have excellent user experience. Some of the elements that hinder your webstore’s visibility and customer experience are ease of navigation, discoverability of the products & services, speed & performance and overall webstore design.

Among these, the speed of your webstore is the most crucial element where the customers will most likely abandon the shopping cart when the webstore takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. Webstore’s speed not only reduces conversions but is also detrimental to the search engine rankings. Therefore, these factors can make or break the success of your brand. Customers will only buy from you if they can easily find what they need and can checkout before they change their mind. A well optimized site will improve their checkout experience enabling you to increase revenue & conversion and ensure customers return to your webstore for their shopping needs.

Ideally, your optimization efforts in order to be visible and effective should be time and cost efficient, but in reality this is never the case. Luckily, there is BoostSales that can help you do exactly that, optimize your Magento webstore with minimal time and cost investment. The Proof is in the Pudding. BoostSales offers Ecommerce technology support to identify gaps in your webstore and provide solutions to bridge those gaps.

Our team helps fine-tune the webstore elements to maximize the product discoverability, create an interactive user experience (UX) and optimize server performance of the webstore across various browsers and devices.

BoostSales offers end-to-end Magento development services to online merchants, ranging from Ecommerce consultation, theme customization, extension development/integration to server optimizations, custom module development, maintenance, migration/upgradation to latest version of Magento platform and much more. Our experienced team of designers, developers, server engineers, payment experts and Ecommerce specialists are equipped to provide any level of customization, extended functionality development for your webstore. All this while ensuring the development and implementations are done with best practices in sight and optimized for delivering the best Ecommerce solutions to boost your sales.

Your online webstore can be extended with a lot of out-of-the box available functionalities and high quality plugins available from the Magento Marketplace. There are also situations where it is requisite to integrate a third party (either open source or licensed) solution which you need for your webstore but it is not available on Magento marketplace. In these cases, we can also integrate/develop those off-the shelf solutions for your webstore. At BoostSales, we have deployed customized and third party solutions into webstores for many of our merchants. Our team can help you by suggesting and incorporating cost effective, scalable and practical solutions for all your Magento woes and pain points. We believe in offering solutions, and not mere development services around your requirements.

Case Study: Antratek Electronics

One of our loyal clients, Antratek Electronics specializes in embedded electronics. They approached us to help boost their online conversions and increase their ROI.

The Gaps

  • The webstore was not optimized for mobile devices and speed
  • Webstore load slowly because of outdated theme & features hence, not giving an optimal user experience.
  • There were issues with backend services such as shipping, ERP, checkout and product feeds hindering merchant’s workflow.

The Solutions

  • Customized a fresh Magento theme with the latest technology and security standards.
  • Created a cross-device compatible and a fully mobile responsive site.
  • Optimized the back-end operations such as ERP, order management and shipping.
  • Built custom plugins and modified themes along with third party plugins tailored to the merchant’s requirements.
  • Optimized Server configurations to enhance overall webstore performance and loading speed.
  • Incorporated Ecommerce best practices to further enhance user experience.

Proof is in the Pudding! antratek_case-study_result-image

Now Antratek focuses on expanding their core business while BoostSales manages all the technical challenges for them. Our vision is to reduce cart abandonment by removing friction for online shoppers as well as making it simple for Magento merchants to customize their checkout the way they want. We know how much effort you put into driving traffic to your webstore and it’s devastating to see those potential customers dropping out.
Get in touch with us to see how BoostSales can help identify these gaps in your webstore and provide solutions to increase your revenue.

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