Advanced Analytics

Monitor and track your E-Commerce performance
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BoostSales provides in-depth analytics and reporting on every aspect of your online business, including your webstore, digital marketing campaigns, and SEO performance.

With our interactive Merchant Dashboard, you can easily view and track your store visitors, product conversion rates, A/B testing results, advertisement campaigns and much more – all through one interface. Our Merchant Dashboard provides detailed reports and lets you stay updated on your webstore performance through any device.


  • Webstore Analytics: We integrate with Google Analytics and other leading web analytics services to measure and monitor E-Commerce conversion rates, visitor behavioral patterns, and inbound traffic.
  • A/B Testing: Through our detailed A/B Testing reports, you can gain insight into visitor behavior and their preferences, which helps us to optimize all webstore elements to further increase conversions.
  • SEO and SEM Performance: We utilize industry standard tools to monitor your SEO performance. This includes SERP analysis, keyword & backlink performance, crawling rates, referral tracking, and AdWords campaign reports.
  • Heatmap Analysis: We can implement heatmap analytics onto your webstore, which will help you gain a better understanding of how visitors use your site and the factors that make them leave.
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Performance: Merchants are constantly updated on the ongoing promotional and marketing activities which help them stay aware of the progress.

These tools help you optimize your webstore and marketing campaigns to significantly boost traffic and conversions. We utilize multiple analytics services and work closely with you to optimize your UI and UX for better conversion.

Our Salient features:

Boostsales Advanced analytics tick Powerful merchant dashboard integrated with multiple analytics tools

Boostsales Advanced analytics tick Real-time analytics on visitors and transactions

Boostsales Advanced analytics tick SEO & SEM performance monitoring

Boostsales Advanced analytics tick Support for Google Analytics with Enhanced E-Commerce tracking

Boostsales Advanced analytics tick Custom behavior tracking in webstores and mobile apps

Boostsales Advanced analytics tick Shopping cart conversion analytics