About Us

BoostSales by Newgen offers End-to-End Merchant Solutions for E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Sales Optimization & Advanced Analytics. Our solutions boost sales, cut costs and increase conversion rates for merchants. Our managed services are designed to help merchants maximize their sales while minimizing their time and cost investments so that they can focus on their core business. Let us know your current pain points in running your E-Commerce business, and we would be glad to discuss custom-tailored solutions to optimize your online brand.

Our Story

Newgen is a multi-channel E-Commerce, Payments and Digital Marketing company with offices in Amsterdam and Delhi. We serve merchants and retailers with a variety of E-Commerce and payments services and help merchants maximize their online conversions. Our international team brings over 60 years of combined experience in providing E-Commerce and payment solutions across three continents.

BoostSales by Newgen is a unique, fully-managed service that empowers E-Commerce merchants to optimize their webstores and brand to dramatically boost their online sales – at a much lower cost and time investment. Our customized solutions incorporate the full spectrum of the E-Commerce process to help our merchants identify gaps in their E-Commerce strategy, increase their inbound visitors and conversion rates.